Not only do risk reviews and analysis help identify where things can go wrong, they can also identify opportunities for improvement. By systematically reviewing the risks associated with your business or project, we help focus your attention on ensuring that exposure risks are minimised and opportunities are maximised. Tientos will define, prepare, facilitate and report on the risks within a project or organisation. By tapping into our knowledge base, and working with personnel in your organisation, we will assist minimising the exposure risks and maximising the opportunities for improvement.


Tientos will develop project set-up documents for your project or business including:

  • Project Execution Plans
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Quality Management Plans
  • Estimate and Schedule Basis Memorandums

Tientos also prepares contract documents for bidding and execution purposes. This means integrating the design (drawings and specifications), terms and conditions, and procurement & commercial strategies. Our knowledge base includes experience with execution from both the Contractor and Owner’s side. Therefore, we know how to protect the interests of your business.


Let us find the solution for your business. Tientos will help identify your needs and then develop a technological solution for you. We will work with our network of experts from research institutes around the world to ensure that you are getting the best solution, and then we will help integrate it into your everyday business operations.


Integration means more than “let’s use it”. It means making these methods part of the everyday operation of your business. Tientos will help by incorporating the latest technology into your business to ensure the most efficient, safest and environmentally sensitive methodologies are adopted and adhered to become part of the everyday in your enterprise.


Through our vast network of contacts within the civil and mining engineering industry internationally, we will build project management teams to tackle projects big or small, complex or simple, whether you’re an Owner, Contractor, Consultant or Government Agency. The teams we build are highly trained, expert and experienced. Their mandate is to deliver the project – that’s it. Project objectives will be set early and we will make no compromise in meeting those objectives. Cost overruns, schedule delays, quality issues, safety, and environmental incidents will not be accommodated.